Plotinus said:

“If you do not see your own beauty, do as the sculptor does with a statue which must become beautiful: he removes one part, scrapes another, makes one area smooth, and cleans the other, until he causes the beautiful face in the statue to appear… Never stop sculpting your own statue.”

He knew that self-improvement and education is a never-ending process, and that it should be treated like a job. This site serves as a way of charting my course. I write about things that are important to me,the things that I’m trying to explore– media, strategy, books, art, philosophy, commerce, and life.

I still have a lot to learn. I write about what I’m interested in, even if I’m still in the process of figuring out exactly what I’m trying to say. This blog is about clarifying my ideas. It’s about trying to understand. I’m a work in progress, trying every day to carve myself out of stone. My writing reflects that.

I’m interested in working with entrepreneurs and non-profits, and I believe the world is changed by people staying true to themselves and doing work that makes them come alive.


I am employee number one at Analog Watch Co, a design studio focused on unique materials and minimalist design. Our products are available at hundreds of boutiques worldwide and at the MoMA in NYC and Tokyo.

I created Tonic, an education brand which makes games that help musicians and music teachers learn to improvise and compose.

I helped manage Greensgrow Farms, the nation’s first urban farm and a leader in experimental agriculture.

A more conventional summary of what I’ve done is here and on LinkedIn, complete with dates, degrees, and job titles.

Thanks for reading. Contact me scotthughes.us@gmail.com or at 215.297.6592.