Hustling can seem like frenzy. But it’s not. Like not sleeping, working late, moving like a hurricane.

So many people seem to hold this as the ideal. Like sleeping only 4 hours a night is a point of pride. But in most cases it’s not. It usually just means you lack focus, and the discipline to say “no” to wasteful actions.

Elon Musk said matter-of-factly in an interview that if you’re working 80 hours a week you’ll get twice as much done as the guy who is working 40 hours a week. But he’s ignoring the effect of diminishing returns. I would wager that hours 41 through 80 aren’t nearly as effective as the first 40. How can he not see the flaw in this? Why is he letting his ego run the show?

Maybe hustling doesn’t look like frenzy– maybe it’s more like a quiet intensity. The ability to focus on a single point. To control yourself so you can control the task. Maybe that’s hustle.

Then you swiftly, calculatedly move on to the next one. Keep your desk clean, literally and metaphorically.

A rifle, not a shotgun.